Having a depressing feeling occur.

So, today my ex-boyfriend (who I still have feelings for). Me and him are still friends. We have gym together. he was tired. so he ended up laying his head on my lap and crashed out & so many memories and flashbacks came and I like died on the inside. Then we went to the field and he grabbed my hand and started skipping through the field. P.S I miss him :c

There are two types of people: type A and type B. Type A is much more frequent. Type A is the expert, the one who knows everything. They come to you with a plan with all the ideas and details worked out. They want to make sure that everybody participates in a consensus of what they are doing – these are the people I run away from as fast as I can. Type B however, you rarely see often. They have a vision, but are honest about the predicament and usually admit they have no clue how they will reach their end goal. This person has the strongest vision, and knows they will fail, but doesn’t mind failure.
Sebastian Thrun, research professor of computer science at Stanford University, a Google fellow, a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the German Academy of Sciences (read full article here)